How to automatically push your Ionic app changes to Google Play

Hi everyone, today we’ll see how to automatize every new functionality that we’ll build in our little ionic app to the Google Play. Server configuration Firstly, we’ll install all the dependencies on the server where’s Jenkins. Ionic installation 1 sudo npm install -g ionic@beta Here I use the beta version of ionic (to use angular 2 =D), so you can remove the \@beta if you’re on a v1 project.

Create easily a REST API with the django rest framework!

Hi! Are you near to create a new API, and you don’t know which framework to use? If this API will be added to a django project, the django rest framework will be perfect to create this API with few lines of code! What’s a REST API? The REST architecture will allow us to think first of an API describing the resources used in our django application. The main point of using a REST API is that we’ll have a separation between the client and the server.

Sky Force Anniversary, an old style shoot'em up!

Let’s remember the time of the arcade. This time that all trolls qualify of the “good old time”. Do you remember this time where you were spending few dimes in arcades? Well that on what is based Sky Force, an insance shoot’em up developped by Infinite Dreams. Introduction Sky Force Anniversary is the anniversary episode of the mobile game Sky Force 2014. This new version is available on smartphones and Steam since April 2015 (yeah, I’m a bit late).

Encrypt your website with Let's encrypt!

Hi all ! Today, we’ll see how to change our http server to an https one without paying one fucking cent thanks to let’s encrypt which is now officially in public beta. We will create our certificate and use them with nginx ! Why HTTPS ? First of all, we could ask why HTTPS ? That will change anything for users ? Hmm, good question. I heard a rumor that http website are not as well indexed in Google (bullshit) , a rumor seems to say that firefox is going to blacklist all website without HTTPS, etc… Let them talk and let focus on what matters, understanding how it works.

Introduction à Django - partie 2

(Re)Bonjour ! Si vous êtes là, c’est que vous êtes restés sur votre faim pendant ce quickie de 15 minutes de django à Codeurs en Seine, sinon, pour les personnes s’aventurant par hasard sur cet article, je vous invite à passer votre chemin (le temps que la vidéo soit disponible, s’il y en a). On va donc voir ce que j’ai ajouté à l’application que nous avons codé pour obtenir le résultat de ces2015-django

Spray your web application with Gatling !

Hi everyone, there’s a long time ! Today, we’ll see the performance testing framework gatling which I could use during my intership of end of studies and I’ll show you how easy to use it is! Introduction Why Gatling ? DSL to write scenarios High performance HTML Report Community reactive Graphite integration And for lazy people, there’s a tool to create scenarios from your utilization of the web application using your web browser Case study To optimize your performances tests, you’ll need to detect each use case of your webapp.

Why did I migrate all my projects to GitLab?

Since the popularization of git for IT projects, it became the most used tool for your project. With this phenomen, new services has been created as GitHub and Bitbucket (for the most known). The first one is focused on the social aspect and the second one is based on his privatisation of the projects (I’m only speaking about free offers). One way the most secure to keep its code was to install a proper git server managed with GitLab or GitBlit.

Test of Saints Row 4

Hi everyone, today I will speak about Saints Row 4. I loved to play to the previous one and I wanted to know if this one was that WTF than the third.You have to know that this Saints Row should be only a DLC for the third one and because of the bankrupt of THQ, hopefully Deep Silver bought the studio which was making the game : Volition.Now Let’s see how it is :

Continuous integration for django with jenkins

Yo ! Today, we’ll see how to build a django application with a continuous integration system. With this installation maybe you will loose few times, but you will save time on every deployment of the application, and we know how it can be frustrating to deploy something. So you’ll never have this feeling again because all will be automatized, you’ll just need to do a little click and let jenkins rocks :).

DRUMS - My sweet regrets

Hi everyone, today I will speak about a project which I loved doing during the last six weeks, DRUMS. To give you a quick idea of what’s about this project, the tag page of DRUMS can help you to know more about it ! Now you’ve learned more about DRUMS, I will add the context to it. I was in the project management team, and I had a title. I was the integrator.