Git hooks

Hey everyone ! Today, I will introduce you what’s git hooks. In this tutorial, you’ll need to have some knowledge of git to understand well what we are doing. If it’s the first time you heard this word, I will like to know where you’ve been living ! But seriously, if you want to learn more about git, I recommend you to read this e-book After this few weeks of reading, let’s start serious stuff.

How to create an (awesome) 404 page in Django

Hi everyone, today we will speak about the 404 page in Django. The documentation is quite lazy about this subject so I wanted to make this point a little bit more understandable. I have to admit, I look for advices for a long time about it without really find what I needed. Let’s see what I have found during this research. To create a 404 page, many options is possible :

Test of The Wolf Among Us

Hi everyone ! Today I’ll speak about The Wolf Among Us, a game available since 2013 (with the last episode available in July 2014) developed by Telltale Games (The Walking Dead) and distributed by Warner Bros and Vertigo. This game is a “Point & Click” or a “graphic adventure” by this kind grandpa Wikipedia. The Point & Click I’ll do a little introduction about this kind of game, not really known now.

How to make a language router with Go?

If you asked yourself the same question as me “How could I serve my static files for different languages ?”, so this post is exactly for you ! Let’s see how I did. Which file tree should we choose ? It was the first question I asked myself. A lot of solution is possible to solve this problem. In my side, I choosed this file tree: en, fr, stylesheets, js and img.