30 days of Ring Fit Adventure

Long time, no see Nintendo! It still surprises me by evolving the gaming experience and Ring Fit Adventure is one of those bet that Nintendo took and works amazingly well. One of the main selling point of the Switch was their amazing controller that could be fitted anywhere. I remember before the Switch got released, people were getting crazy about the accessories that could get created with this new system.

What is a NAT Gateway?

Looking into designing platform and new architectures can be quite intimidating, especially when it’s your first time. Today I want to speak about the NAT Gateways, what is it? How it works? When to use it, etc… What does even NAT mean? So first things first, what is actually a NAT?? If we listen to papy wikipedia: Network address translation (NAT) is a method of remapping one IP address space into another by modifying network address information in the IP header of packets while they are in transit across a traffic routing device.

Why Kubernetes nodes change of name when using AWS

At work, I got a terrible issue with adding the AWS support to the OpenShift cluster. I really got confused as well as I was explicitly setting the nodename for this server. But whatever value I was putting in the config, it was never working, it always registered the node as the specific instance name that amazon would have given. But why??? Let’s have a look. The homicide A long time ago, a nice little instance in AWS called node00.

Introduction to Terraform

With the massive adoption of the “Cloud”, different tools are borned to simplificate dev / sys. admins lifes. These tools created a new way of dealing with infra, the Infrastructure as Code aka IaC. To be honest, the cloud is a nice word but let’s face it, you just run vms on someone else servers. The big plus to use those is that with a simple API call you can provide, provision and destroy infrastructure at your glance.

Django debug toolbar not displayed using docker-compose

Hi all, after few minutes of frustration I finally got the django debug toolbar showing in my django apps running in docker managed by docker-compose. This issue happened to me quite a few times now and it really pisses me off to not know why this is happening. And that was a really simple issue… The Issue If you started to dockerize your django app, I am sure that you encountered some weird difficulties that you managed to fix after few google requests.

Iptables and Docker

Hey! I was messing around my production server and saw that all my docker containers were opening ports to the open world! Scary stuff, here’s how to fix that. The fix First time ever I will redirect you to an article but all the content you need (and I needed) is there https://fralef.me/docker-and-iptables.html. Sur ce codez bien, ciao!

[Archlinux] How to fix "gcc: removing gcc-libs breaks dependency 'gcc-libs=7.1.1-2'"

Hi everyone, I was crossing this issue this morning so let’s fix it! First of all this issue is appearing because I enabled the multilib support in my arch config (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/multilib). To fix this problem you need to have all your gcc packages using multilib or none of them, not both. First let’s find out which packages you need to remove/install with the multilib support. Run: 1 sudo pacman -Qs gcc You should have an output like:

Hollow Knight, an indie masterpiece

Hollow knight is a game built by team cherry thanks to backers in kickstarter. It has been released in march 2017 and received good scores in metacritic (86 by the press). Recommended by one of my friends, I decided to have a look as it costs around 15 euros or 10 pounds. Story At the beginning, nothing will explain you the quest you have and what you’re doing there. Which is really interesting as you will learn more and more about why you there more you explore and play the game.

How to dockerize an application?

As you could have seen in the previous post, docker is quite handy to make your application running EVERYWHERE. So now the problem you can have is, how do you actually dockerize your application. I will give you a guideline, feel free to contribute to it, I will surely be wrong or missing something. Define the requirements of your application It can sound a bit a cheap advice, but before to start everything you need to identify and isolate what your application needs.

Introduction to Docker

Wow, big subject here. Docker. So what’s docker? Docker will help you to deploy applications without worrying about the installation or the host you want to run it on. To be brief Docker will help you to encapsulate softwares inside lightweight virtual machines. Installation It’s pretty straight forward. On archlinux: sudo pacman -S docker For ubuntu, it is a bit harder: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https \ ca-certificates curl -fsSL https://yum.